Ho do I get the Xray Tests Created and Xray Test Runs during same time period say a month?

I tried getting Xray Tests created in a month using Time Dimension in Row and Filers like Project, IssueType and other customfields in Pages. I did get teh count f Xray Tests created and although I do see them executed in teh same month, I do not see teh Test Execution when I do a drill down. What could I be missing here?

Hi @aspandit,

It is not entirely clear what measures you are using in the report. But from the missing test executions, I presume you use the default measure “Issues created”. Is that so?
I recommend you use the measure that comes with the Xray integration - “Xray tests created”. That way, you won’t need the page filter for the issue type, as the measure will return only Xray tests. You can then drill through the tests or their executions with this measure.

Please see the eazyBI documentation page regarding the integration with Xray and the measures imported with it - Xray Test Management.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com