Hourly reporting - All open tickets by status, and how many distinct users updated tickets

We have a client that has requested the following metric:

  1. Report every hour how many tickets are open by status
    1b) How many times an issue has passed through a status during the hour
  2. How many people were working on these tickets during the hour

I like the format on a couple of tickets that report down to day:


Help from the community?

Hi @paulg

Day level is the most granular level of the “Time” dimension in eazyBI.
Unfortunately it won’t be possible to show the status changes in hour-level.

Also, the hourly analysis would mean importing data more often (not just once per day - default import frequency) which could demand more resources to get the most accurate data from Jira into eazyBI.

Martins / eazyBI support

Thank you for your response