How can I make correct created count?

I want make result by name “Portal” like jira jql “project in projectMatch(”^Portal.*")".
So I load all project, and removed a few unrelated projects.
But total [issues create count] is not changed.

origin total issue table value : 14000
changed total issue table value : 14000

Why it look like it’s considered hierarchy at first and if it’s modified, it doesn’t it?
And how I can show correct total?

It seems you are using Project dimension on Rows All Projects expanded to Projects. The removal of Projects from the report does not impact the All Projects result. All projects always represent all projects - it is not a sum of visible projects below.

If you would like to see the total of visible selection, please consider using Total rows instead of All Projects member.

In this example report, I expanded All Project and removed some projects. The All Project still represents show values for all imported projects. The Total will only pick visible rows and show the total on visible rows on the lowest level.

Daina /

Thank you for your answer.