How can I send Time ro SLA panel dara to EazyBi?

Hi, I’m using time to SLA.

I WANT to create visual reports using EazyBi.

Although I followed the guide below,

It does not provide the way how to send SLA panel data such as weather met or exceeded,


targetdate(yymmdd/dd:hh:ss), enddate(yymmdd/dd:hh:ss),

Elapsed time (dd/dd:hh:ss) etc.

Is there any way to use those kinda data in EzyBi?

It is so crucial to my business that I have to know how to apply it.

Best regards.

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Hi @deniro61

You are on the right path! Time to SLA has published instructions on integrating their data in eazyBI in their documentation: How can I integrate Time to SLA with eazyBI? - Time to SLA for Jira.

As I can see from your other post in Community, you have already figured out how to import different properties.

If you need help with some specific fields, please reach out to us at with more details of your use case!

Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support