How do I filter measures according to two specific labels

Dear eazyBI-team,

I would like to filter my Measures (created Issues) according to two different specific Labels. For Example i have the Labels “Label1” and “Label2”. Label2 should be changeable so i putted the Label-Dimension into “Pages”. Label 1 should be fix and a column like in the picture i posted. This column should show the created Issues that fullfil Label2 and the part of these Issues that also fullfil Label1.

How can i Implement something like this? I hope i explained my Problem understandable.

Pleas Help!

Best regards, Milos


The following formula should do that:

    CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Issue labels],"") MATCHES ".*Label1.*"
      AND ([Measures].[Issues created]>0)

The formula iterates over the full set of issues and filters the issues with the fixed label. The issues created filter the label selected on the report pages.


Janis, eazyBI support

Hallo janis.plume,

thank you for your respond. Unfortunately it doesnt work. The column is empty, eazyBI think there arent Issues with both Labels. But if you drill thourgh the created Issues you will actually see that most of dem have both Labels. Do you have an other idea how this could work?

My Goal is to have a chart with columns, and the Column should show all created Issues with Label2 but divided into “with Label1” and “without Label 1”. it could look something like this:

Thank you very much!