How do I get dedicated colors?

In the bar section I define specific colors for all issue types. But if I limit the time, default colors are used again (see screenshot). How do I make it so that for example a story is always green or a bug is always red. I need a fixed assignment.

Hi @johbod,

Welcome to the eazyBI community.
eazyBI preserves the customizations made for the data series in the selected chart view.
You can assign a specific color for each measure+other dimension combination in the bar chart.

However, these chart series only exist within the selected chart view.
If you save the report in the table view, these chart view data series do not exist. Therefore, the chart series customization is lost upon report saving.

If you want to define specific colors for data series, you might do the following steps:

  1. find the filter options that show the maximum possible combinations of dimensions;
  2. assign a specific color for each data series;
  3. save the report in chart view

When changing the filter selections, always switch to the chart view before saving the report.

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Oh that’s great. I’m relieved it’s possible. Thanks