How do I make a subset count of another calculated measure?

Sorry if this is too basic. I’ve watched all the training videos, read the MDX intro, and I’m still lost on what the heck is going on.

When I create a calculated measure with ‘[Label].[Dormant]’ I get a number not a set of members. I don’t understand why that is happening. Trying to use the SetToStr() just returns "{[Label].[Dormant]}’… There is no AllProperties to show. I’ve spent three full days now banging my head on this.

I have two calculated measures that almost work.

Measure 1: “Active Issues”

[Status].[In Progress],
[Status].[Ready for Review],
[Status].[Awaiting IT Completion of Security Controls & Activities],
[Status].[Awaiting Questionnaire from IT],
[Status].[Awaiting Information/Documentation from IT]

Aggregate returns a number… Not a set. All the other functions either produce errors or not what I’m after.

The second calculated member is “Dormant Issues”

What I want is to make a calculated member that provides the number of “Active Issues” that are also “Dormant Issues”.

How do I do this?


You might need to create the aggregated members in respective dimensions to use them in reports:

The same formulas are also valid as the measures; in this case, the aggregated members are implicitly joined with the default measure of Issues created, giving the numeric value.

Janis, eazyBI support

I tried this before without success. I will try again following what you show here.

Is there a way to lock in a Pages setting? When I put dimensions into the Pages they become selectable in the report. I would like to put in filtering pages but hide them from the report so they cannot be changed.

Such a feature of locking the page selections is not possible in eazyBI.
The closest workaround is to design the measure with a tuple where the filtering is implemented in the formula. Users with the Dashboard viewer role will not be able to change the report scope.

Janis, eazyBI support

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