How do I use properties

When I imported my data, into my cube, I had several fields that I can choose as Dimension and/or Properties. I understand how they are used, as dimensions, but I’m not clear on how I use them as properties. By default I have been checking both (dimension and property), when i import.

I’ve finally found where those properties live, under Measures, Calculated members, Issue properties. But when I try adding one to a report I’m building, nothing happens. Any guidance on how to use properties would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for this question.

When you import some custom field as properties, a new measure in “Measures” dimension is created with the name "Issue " that you could find in a list of “Issue properties” measures.

It can be used in calculations, however, it is displayed only on issue level (see attachment).

For example, you could select property measure for issues and sort issues by property value

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Is there anyway to customize /group the values of a property. For eg. I would like to display Team Beta (which includes Team Bravo and Team Johny)

i.e. the table would looklike
SMT-12 ilze – Team Beta


Hi @pankajmehta

It would not be that simple to group property values for issues.
One solution for that would be a Javascript custom code in import options that would change the field value for an issue during import.
Please read more about this on our documentation page:

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Can i please get an example of what the code would look like? Below is what i am trying to get done

Current Statuses: Backlog -> Tech Analysis -> Dev In Progress -> Unit Testing -> Peer Review -> Lead Review -> Dev Test -> Done

I am trying to group
BackLog --> ToDo
Tech Analysis, Dev In Prgress and Unit Testing --> Development Started
Peer Review, Lead Review --> In Review
Dev Test --> In Testing.

Please advise.


Hi @pankajmehta

perhaps, you can find this post from earlier useful:

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