How I can count spending time on bugs VS spending time for tasks

Hi, here!
Could you help me to count time on bugs?

Just for example. There are tasks - 32.5h spending time and bugs 0.5h (it’s 1.5% at spending time for tasks).
I wanna see the time of bugs only in “Time Bug” and 0.5h on the pie diagram.

Please, tell me how I can count this value and have only the time for the first line - Bug

Hi Daria,

Looks like the “Time bug” calculated measure counts logged work for any issue type that you have specified in the report. You could update the “Time bug” calculated measure to look like this:

([Measure].[Hours spent], [Issue type].[Bug])

The measure would show only logged hours for “Bug” issue types.
And if you want the pie chart to show hours logged on the “Task” issue type, not all the logged hours, you could create a calculated measure similar to the “Time bug”.
One other thing you could change is to remove the “Issue type” dimension from the Columns section and leave it in the Pages section if you need to filter out other issue types. That way you would get only one pie chart with the defined measures.

Robert / support@eazyBI