How many tickets passed the condition

Hi Community,

i’m looking for a report which shows how many tickets did pass the condition. f.ex. if a issue was in the status longer than 2 Days then the goal is not reached.

I already build the Status age:
–set of issues having been in at least one of the selected statuses
[Measures].[Transitions from status issues count]>0
–for each issue, days spent in the selected statuses
[Measures].[Days in transition status] *24 *60

and try with this one addiotional Meassure
[Measures].[Median Status Age] < 2880 THEN “Reached”
[Measures].[Median Status Age] >= 2880 THEN “Not Reached”

But i need to filter out the status.
Open Status 2 Days
Classification 1 week
and so one.

I would like to show this in a gauge. How many tickets in the certain status passed and how many not.


Hi @Ricardo_S,

I just noticed that your request had not been answered for quite a long time. Sorry about that!

Firstly I would like to suggest using Jira Service Management to define the SLAs. That would be a lot easier to track. Further, they can be displayed in eazyBI in a simple pie chart that can be filtered and drilled by many dimensions, e.g., Issue Type:

Here are a lot of other Service Management examples: SLA overview - Jira Service Management Demo - eazyBI

Let me know if this is not what you would be looking for or have some additional questions!
Lauma /