How to add a declining ideal trend line? y = mx + b

I’m looking to add a declining line representing the ideal trend of test cases per day.

For example, 100 test cases over the next 10 working days, getting to 0 by the end.

y = -10x + 100


eazyBI performs a calculation per each row (per each day if you use days on Rows). You would like to reduce the calculation for burndown to y = mx, where

  • x is a rank value for each day (it should be descending for burn-down and ascending for burn-up)
  • m is a pace per day

You would apply the filter for what days eazyBI should draw a line as well:

-- draw a line on those days:
-- calculate a pace as total value divided by the number of days to burn it
-- use any measure (or value) representing scope to burn
  (([Measures].[Open issues],
-- burn in 10 days   
   10 )
-- day's rate in the period
    10 -

I used a measure Open issues for this formula. You can use any other value or measure there. I used this measure in a tuple with Time (it represents total value in this measure for today).

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