How to add date fileds from import to table fiew?

Good morning,

I have a question. We set up an import with external data, which works fine. For all our previous imports we have no problems. This time we have a problem. This is a part of the overview of our import. I would like to have a table: Row = Shipset, two different columns with the two date fields.
But I can´t make them visible - I wanted to import them as a measure, how can I do that? Is it related to the DateSID field that it is not working?

Hello NadineArnold,
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(1) In order to make changes in mapping, you need to Delete the data from eazyBI first.

(2) After the previous data is deleted, you will be able to map the new columns. Choose datatype “Date” and map them to dimension “Shipset” as property fields.

(3) Click on the three dots next to the field name and select “Add count measure”. This will create additional measure that shows 1 if the date field has value.

I hope this helps.