How to add easybi with my existing account

Hi Team,

Actually I signed up for trail version and I want to integrate this EasyBI account with my existing Jira account. and after integrating I want to import the sprint data.

My first issue is:
How to integrate or attach this EasyBI account with my Jira existing account?

Can Someone help me on this.

Hi @MaheshwarReddy,

In the eazyBI, you can analyze data from the Jira instance (site) in which the eazyBI app is added. For example, if you have the eazyBI app on the Jira site, you can analyze only issues that are registered in site projects.

It is not supported to have data from different Jira sites into one eazyBI as two different Jira instances can have a very different setup with different workflows, statuses, and even more complicated - custom fields (custom field references are stored using custom field ID numbers which will typically be different in several instances even if you use the same custom field name).

Zane /