How to Calculate Meeting a Due Date with a Generic Date Field

Hello there. I am using data from JIRA and need to calculate the total number of issues that do not meet a due date using a generic field.

Something like this:

Generic Date1 <= Due Date

The problem I am running into is the formula I am using does not sum the issues that have a Generic Date outside of the Time which is the previous month.

Example: Generic Date1 = 9/30/2022, Due Date 10/5/2022. Report looks at previous month as a Time Dimension.

Pasting the formula below:
– iterate through set of issues
– apply filter criteria to each issue
) or
[Measures].[Issue due date],

– [Measures].[Issue Generic Date1] <= [Measures].[Issue due date]
– numeric expression - sum of relevant issues
[Measures].[Issues with Generic Date1]


I am using another calculated field called “EmptyGenericDate” to update the the Generic Date to be 1 day past the due date so it counts it correctly (as blanks should be treated as not meeting the due date).

Please help. Not sure if I may be overthinking or not.