How to calculate sprint issues completed from sprint added issues?


We are interested in understanding how many issues are completed from sprint added issues in every closed sprint.

Initially I created a new measure:
[Measures].[Sprint issues completed from sprint added issues] =
[Measures].[Sprint issues added],

But I think the measure tells me number of added issues that are completed from all time, not within the closed sprint.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @SneekyGenie ,

The calculated measure you defined will display the number of issues added to the Sprint you have in the report and currently are in one of the “Done” category statuses. But it won’t tell you if it was completed within the scope of that Sprint.

Unfortunately, such calculation must iterate through the Issue dimension “Issue” level members. Therefore, it can increase the report load time. Please see an example with “Sprint issues completed of committed” on the eazyBI Demo account - Sprint issue balance - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI. You can copy the calculated measure formula and replace “Sprint issues committed” with “Sprint issues added”.

See the eazyBI documentation page for more details on defining calculated measures - Calculated measures and members - eazyBI for Jira.

Roberts //