How to calculate the number of issues/story points in backlog on Sprint dimension?


I am quite struggling with the calculation of issues or story points in backlog. For now, I have three calculated members in eazyBI for calculating the number of story points. And they have different results. Do you know which one is the correct one? Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi @Wenhao_Zhang!

To assist you with which one is the correct calculation (or even modify one of them), could you please specify in business language what you understand with “Backlog”?

  • Are you looking for story points when issues went in or out of status Backlog?
  • Or are you looking for Story points of issues that do not have Sprint?
  • Is the history important here or are you looking at how many story points are in backlog currently?

Lauma /

Hi @lauma.cirule:

I would like to see the history data of backlog, and calculate the backlog readiness in sprint level. In addition, I would also like to see the percentage of issues of which the status is not ‘backlog’ when it was in the Backlog of scrum board.

BR, Wenhao


For getting the historic count of issues in status you can use the Issues history measure together with Transition Status dimension (select Backlog status) and Time dimension. See an example report here (you would only select Backlog status):

  1. How, in business words, would you calculate the Backlog readiness?
  2. For the additional question - Could you give me more details about your report? what would you want to use in the report Rows and Columns and how would you like to filter your data?
    More information and, preferably, a report example would help me better assist you. You can also send the screenshots and details over the eazyBI support e-mail (in such a case, please mention this request so it is easier to follow the conversation so far).

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