How to check the agreegate function has returned an empty value

Hi, I am trying to create a graphical view depicting the time taken by user stories to navigate from ready to done and want to track the progress for at least 12 weeks in the past. So I used aggregate function and within this I called date parse to check current date and then the date previous to the current date upto 12 weeks back.
Though graph gets plotted but I am getting an empty space wherein there has been no progress. Eventually I want to see a line drawn connecting a blank to the area where in we have value and what I think this is only possible when I get to know the state returned by aggregate is empty and then I can move it to 0. Please can someone help me on this?


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If you use Time in the report rows, you may want to use Timeline chart. The main difference between Line chart with time on x axis and Timeline chart: all time periods (even with empty values) are represented in the timeline, and the line is uninterrupted. In Line chart, only dates with values are represented.

In the Timeline, you may change lines to bars, dots, areas etc as well, if needed:

Also, remember to add missing time periods in Time dimension, if there are some, to get all dates on the timeline: