How to count issues per assignee if assignee changes

The situation:
An issue has started in Sprint 1, but it hasn’t finished in Sprint 1 and there was made a decision to complete this issue in Sprint 2.
An Assignee A was assigned to this issue at the beginning of Sprint 2.
During Sprint 2 the assignee has changed to Assignee B and Assignee B completed this issue in Sprint 2.

I would like to prepare a report which show how many issues were completed per Assignee at the end of current sprint (“new”) and how many of completed issues came from previous spints (“old”).

For example:
Assignee A - made old: 1 issue, new: 7 issues, total: 8 issues

I sum the completed issues in [Measures].[Sprint issues at closing] set → “total”
Then I sum the issues in [Measures].[issues at sprint start] → “old”
And I want to count “total” - “old” to get “new” (“total” - “old” = “new”)

And I get a mistake, because described issue is counted for Assignee B in “total” (that’s fine) and also for Assignee A in “old” (it shouldn’t be counted here).

How can I resolve this? I would be grateful for your help.

Hello @MarZ

Welcome to EazyBI community!

As a possible solution to your report could be using Assignee dimension together with following measures:

  1. Standard measure “Sprint Issues Completed” (to calculate how many issues were completed per Assignee at the end of Sprint)

  2. Create a new user-defined calculated measure (in Measures) where you sum standard measures “Sprint Issues Committed” and “Sprint Issues Added” (to calculate how many issues were at the beginning of Sprint per Assignee)

Calculated measure to use:

[Measures].[Sprint issues committed] +

[Measures].[Sprint issues added]

  1. For completed issues that rolled over from other sprints also you may want to create one more user-defined calculated measure. I suggest taking an example calculation from report Multiple sprint overview - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI Measure “Stories rolled from previous sprints” and changing line

from CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Sprint Story Points committed], [Measures].[Sprint Story Points added])

to CoalesceEmpty([Measures]. [Sprint issues committed] , [Measures] .[Sprint issues added] )

Documentation about Sprint measures that might be useful in this case - Jira Software custom fields

​Let me know if this fits your case!

Elita from