How to count issues with Acceptance Criteria = "string"?

Hi, is it possible to create a formula that counts [Measures].[Acceptance Criteria] = “any_string”?

Something like that:
([Measures].[Issues closed count],
[Measures].[Acceptance Criteria] = “NHF[FP]”)

**[Measures].[Acceptance Criteria] = [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Acceptance Criteria’)

Hi @Leonardo.Nacazato,

Try importing the “Acceptance Criteria” custom field as a dimension. Then you can create a new calculated measure using the desired member, and the measure “Issues closed count”, thus, creating a tuple. The formula could look similar to the one below

  [Acceptance Criteria].[NHF[FP]]],
  [Measures].[Issues closed count]

Because the “Acceptance Criteria” custom field value in your example seems to have “[ ]” in the name, eazyBI requires an additional closing bracket for this dimension member.

Please have a look at a presentation from the eazyBI community days for more information on tuples -

Roberts //