How to create a new measure to bring the issues total between two dates selected by another date measure

I have a measure called “data faturamento” of type date and now want to create a new measure to bring the total problems between two dates using this measure “data faturamento”.

What am I supposed to do?

Hi Fabio,
Thank you for reaching out to eazyBI community!

Here are the steps:
(1) Import this field “data faturamento” as a measure. As a result, additional measure Issues with data faturamento will be imported which will show total of issues which have this “data faturamento” field specified and it will be assigned to the corresponding date on Time dimension.

(2) Once you have a measure that is tied to Time dimension, you can select a specific Time period or create a new member in Time dimension to filter issues between specific dates, for example:

Aggregate([Time].[Day].DateMembersBetween( ‘01 Jan 2024’, ‘2 weeks ago’))

You can use exact dates or relative dates in the formula.

I hope this helps.