How to create "Days without JIRA ticket"?

My org wants to see the number of days without customer incident tickets. I don’t see anyway creating this from JIRA filters or queries. Is it possible to create such report using eazyBI?


There are several ways to find the date when the last issue was created, differing by the performance.

  1. The first idea is to iterate all the issues and find the latest issue creation date:
    [Measures].[Issues created]>0
  DateToTimestamp([Measures].[Issue created date])
  1. Another idea is to find the last day from the Time dimension when an issue is created:
  [Measures].[Issues created]>0

The first option is the most inefficient, the second is better since it iterate the Day level members instead of the issues.

  1. Perhaps the most efficient formula is to use the Transition dimension. The idea is that issues upon creation always pass the status transition from empty to another, like “=> .*”. So the following formula is for finding the last transition to any of the “initial status”, which is also the last issue creation date:
   [Transition].CurrentMember.Name MATCHES "=> .*"
  [Measures].[Transition to status last timestamp]

All these formulas expect that you use the respective issue type in the report pages:

The days without incidents can be calculated using the DateDiffDays function:

  [Measures].[Days last issue created (Transitions)],

Janis, eazyBI support

Hi Janis,

Thank you so much for sharing the solutions. I will get work on this and will get back to you in case of more questions.