How to display created tasks with one specific component

It is necessary to display the number of created issues in the report where a specific component is selected and only it

JQL example
component = “com1” AND component not in (“com2”,“com3”)

Hi @clank232,

In the report, dimensions on report pages filter data. For example, to filter issues by specific component, you might use the “Project” dimension on pages (containing component information) and select a component of interest. However, a component is a multi-selection field, and filtering issues by one component “com1” eazyBI returns all issues having component “com1” and any other.

You might want to import a Component as a separate dimension using the JavaScript calculated custom fields. And another dimension Component CSV representing all applied component combinations.

  1. In eazyBI advanced settings, add JavaScript code that would create two dimensions, “Component” and “Component CSV”:

    # Component as dimension and CSV dimension
    name = "Component"
    data_type = "string"
    multiple_values = true
    split_by = ","
    csv_dimension = true
    dimension = true
    javascript_code = '''
    issue.fields.customfield_eazybicomponent = issue.fields.components;

    Here are more details on JavaScript calculated custom fields: JavaScript calculated custom fields - eazyBI for Jira.

  2. In import options, select custom fields “Component” for data import as a dimension. And during data import, easzyBI will create two dimensions, “Component” and “Component CSV”.

  3. In the report, use the “Component CSV” dimension on report pages to filter issues by specific component combinations.

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