How to exclude the Sprint issue added count if the issue is already added in committed and removed and again added to same sprint

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Is it possible to get the report to show the Sprint issues added only if it not added in committed Time … In EazyBi “Sprint Issues Added” measure includes the issues which are added to committed and removed and again added to same sprint … But I want to exclude the issues which are already in committed and removed and again added to same sprint

For example I have started the Sprint with 11 issues and 2 issues have removed and added again to the same sprint then in the Sprint Issues added it should not show any issue count

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Measure “Sprint issues added” checks on issue change history records and count any issue that was added to the sprint after it was started without checking issue past.

You may define a new calculated measure in the Measures section to find issues that were added to the sprint and were not committed to it beforehand.
The calculation woudl go through individual issues and check their history if the issue was or was not committed to the sprint beforehand. The expression might look like this:

  --go through set of issues
    --check that issue has been in some sprint
    NOT IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue Sprints])
  ), --sum up added issues
  CASE WHEN --issue was not commited to sprint
    IsEmpty([Measures].[Sprint issues committed])
  THEN --sum up added issues
    [Measures].[Sprint issues added]

More details on calculated measures and used functions Sum() and condition CASE WHEN are described in the documentation: Calculated measures.

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Thanks Much Zane :slight_smile: … Measure works perfectly

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