How to filter dashboard/reports by Sprint Team?

Hi there,

I am trying to filter reports using the Jira field “Sprint Team”, however, I do not see it available as a pre-existing measure / member. I am assuming I will need to create a calculated member. Would anyone be able to write out the calculated member so I can use Sprint Team as a full page filter?

For more context: my dashboard has many teams’ Jira data aggregated in it. I would like to add a full page filter in dashboard so various team members can select their Sprint Team - and, therefore, view their own team’s work.


(Side note: I know how to filter the dashboard by Project, but many of our teams work on multiple projects)

Please check the episode 2 from our training videos on how to import data in eazyBI account from Jira.

I believe you should make sure that “Sprint Team” issue-level field is imported as separate dimension in eazyBI and then use it as a page dimension to filter your reports by sprint teams.

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks for the reply Martins! I imported Sprint Team as a separate dimension and have since added it to my reports / dashboard as a filter