How to filter displayed linked issues based on their Label


I have a Story (US1) that is linked to 3 Tasks (T1, T2 and T3) using the same link named “RELATION”. T1 has a label “ALPHA”, T2 has an empty label and T3 has label “BETA”. I am able to display the story and its linked three tasks in an eazyBI report without any problem.

Now I want to filter displayed tasks and show only tasks that have either an empty label or label “BETA”.

While i can find the dimension related to the issue link “RELATION”, i have found no mean to get into the attributes of the tasks in order to filter the tasks based on my criteria.

Any help plz?

Hi @ShivaKumar

Welcome to eazyBI community! It seems that you had already reached out to us directly. I am pasting the solution here as well, in case other eazyBI users have similar use case

    CoalesceEmpty([RELATION].CurrentMember.Get('Labels'),"") matches ".*BETA.*" OR
    IsEmpty([RELATION].CurrentMember.Get('Labels')) AND
[Measures].[Issues created] >0

Best wishes,

Elita from