How to filter issue types in different dimension

I’m trying to calculate number of linked bugs to a story and sort them by priority
I succeed to calculate linked bugs and sort by priority but i got also bugs that relates to other bug
(I want only bugs that related to story)

This is what I got so far:


Hi @Eldar_Monderar!

Do I understand correctly that the is related to dimension currently has all the issue types that have is related to inward link?
You can specify what Issue types would be grouped in this dimension, for example

name = "Story"
inward_link = "is related to"
issue_type = "Story"
dimension = true
multiple_values = true

I also suggest you change the name of the dimension to make it more clear what is grouped in it. Make sure to unselect the dimension from import and run the import without it before you apply changes in Advanced settings.

Here is an example of how such a report looks with my example data - only Stories show how many Bugs they have in each priority

Lauma /