How to filter space without specific key?

We have a lot of space and want to create some filter to list for spaces excepting for specific key.

For example, create “Define new calculated member” in Space dimension as

[Space].[selected space]
= [Space].CurrentMember.Key <> ‘some space key’

This failed as “Expected value of type STRING; got value ‘0’ (NUMERIC)”

I’d appreciated any advice.


Hi @1116,

When creating a calculated member in the Space dimension, you would Aggregate(…) some filtered members of the Space dimension. For example

  [Space].CurrentMember.Key <> "some space key"

Lauma /

Thank you.

With your advice, we solved the error “Expected value of type STRING; got value ‘0’ (NUMERIC)” but eazyBI report shows Space that key is “filterd”. For example, we set “AIT” as “[Space].CurrentMember.Key <> “AIT”” in it, but space with spacekey “AIT” is still diplayed on report.

Any way to hide that space?


I am wondering if there is some additional or hidden value in the key, e.g., space? For me to investigate further, I would need to see the report definition (you can send it to

Another way of writing more advanced regular expressions would be to use the MATCHES function. Would you please try the following:

  NOT [Space].CurrentMember.Key MATCHES ".*AIT.*"

Lauma /

Thank you for your support and kindness.
With new filter as you described, I can hide some Space in my report.

Best regards,

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