How to get a issue id that is one of issue links of another issue

I am new for eazyBI, Right now I have a difficulty to get a value from a calculated member ‘Test Execution ID’ in the two dimension table below.

Context: ‘Xray Test’ and ‘Xray Test Execution’ are two kinds of issue types. One ‘Xrar Test’ ticket has one or more ‘Xray Test execution’ tickets. I want to show the last executed ‘Xray Test Execution’ ticket ID.

I used the property ‘allproperties’ in my MDX query
“[Xray Test].[Xray Test Execution].CurrentHierarchyMember.allproperties”

Well, it shows the ‘Xray Test’ ID. e.g. GQ-1280. What is wrong in my MDX query? How can I get the last test execution issue id? Thanks so much for your instruction.

To get all available properties of Xray Test, you may use function AllProperties like this:
[Xray Test].CurrentHierarchyMember.AllProperties

However, issue Key of the last execution is not stored for Xray tests as property, and therefore you could not get this information using properties.
To get the last execution key, you may define a new calculated measure in Measures like this:

    --iterate through all tests executions for each row
    Descendants([Xray Test Execution].CurrentHierarchyMember, [Xray Test Execution].[Execution]),
    [Measures].[Xray Tests with executions] > 0),
  --order test executions by execution date descending
  [Measures].[Xray Tests executed last date], BDESC
--return key of the most recent test execution

More about used functions and examples of application you will find in MDX function list.

Zane /