How to get count from Issue property if it is not available as dimension

I want to extract data for below JQL-:
project=“Market Services” and status not in (delivered, cancelled, closed) AND issuetype not in (project, build, “carry forward”, epic, “Change Request”) AND (“McDonalds Reference Number” ~ “INC*” OR “McDonalds Reference Number” ~ “RITM*”)

Please help me to create a Measure as the McDonalds Reference number can be only used as property.

Also please explain the concept on how to get count from Issue property if cannot be imported as dimension?

Hi @mmadhvi

Thank you for reaching out here and via support email.

My colleague discuss this with you directly, and one solution indeed is MDX calculation:

  [Measures].[Issues created]>0 AND
  (CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Issue McDonalds Reference number],"") MATCHES ".*INC.*" OR
  CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Issue McDonalds Reference number],"") MATCHES ".*RITM.*")

If this calculation is too slow for the data amount you have imported or you need to group issues by those reference numbers frequently, consider importing a JavaScript calculated custom field where you mark issues with INC* and RITM* reference numbers and import this as a separate dimension. Then you would apply this new dimension as a page filter and use a simple Issues created measure instead of iterating through issues.
Documentation: JavaScript calculated custom fields
There is discussed such solution in more detail:
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