How to get hours spent in transition status


I am trying to get hours spent in transition status, just like pre-defined measures —[Measures].[Days in transition status].

Now I put the dimension Issues on Rows, and Transition status on Columns. And I put [Measures].[Hours spent] on Rows.

It seems working well, but not really . I have a four state workflow - Todo, Doing, Reviewing,Done, I created two issues and record hours in Todo and Reviewing. In the report, one issue report hours in Todo and Reviewing, the other report hours in Reviewing and Done.

Are there any hint about this? Thanks every much.

There have some update.

It seems when transit to a new status and record worklog in a short time ( for example, within a minute), eazyBI will count spent hours to the previous status.For example, transit a issue form Todo to Doing, then record worklog(for example,10h) immediatly; And in the report, you will see 10h spent in Todo.

It seems be a defect.

Hi Liu,

Are you using Tempo to log work?

There is a known issue that Tempo sends eazyBI work log date without time component which is entered in a work log. Therefore all logged hours are assigned to the one transition status of that date.
We have contacted Tempo to find a possible solution to get date and time of work log, but there is no update of this yet.

Let me know if I missed something and you have some further questions!
Lauma /