How to get in a report "Hours Spent by LoggedBy" and "Total Hours Spent by Issue"?

Hi! At the first, thanks in advice. Im new in EazyBi and i have a problem with a complex report.

I want get in the same report this data:

ISSUE | Logged By | HoursSpent by Logged By | Total Hours Spent by Issue

In that way i can see fast what is the % of hours that a “LoggedBy” spent in issues.

Hi @Alvaro_Romero_Ayala ,
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If you wish to see Hours spent per user and issue. I suggest using Hours spent from the Measure dimension, adding the Issue dimension in Rows, Logged by dimension in Columns, and for both dimensions, expanding the ‘All’ member to see the sum per user and per issue (see the cells in blue):

If you wish to have “Issue story points” in the report but not split the result by logged by users, then use drill into measure by another dimension level to split only Hours spent per users.
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