How to get intersection of two groups


Is it possible to get intersection of two groups.
I want to know how to get common users of group A and group B. I am going to use the users for filtering Assignees.

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Hi Terry,

I think you could create a calculated member that you could then use for filtering.

Using an Aggregate function would ensure no member of the group is repeated twice.

Aggregate({[Reporter Group].[Group A], [Reporter Group].[Group B]})

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Hi Marilou,

Thank you for your quick answer.
BTW, I want to get the member who are in both of groups A and B. I think that the snippet you share returns members group A or B not as the result of AND operation.
Could you regard it again?

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Hi @Terry ,

Sorry I had misunderstood your question.

In this case, I would create a Measure for one of the groups and then a measure that is the tuple of both group.

Step 1 : Create Measure ‘Group A’ : ([Reporter Group].[Group A])
Step 2: Create Tuple in Measures: ([Measure].[Group A],[Reporter Group].[Group B])

This might not be the most effective way to do it, but I think it will give you only members that are in both groups.

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It works.
Many thanks.