How to get logged by in count?

Hi community,

I have few teams of developers and they are grouped under each team.

My objective here:
To display logged by count for each month based on status and issue type.

For example:

User A and B logged time in the month January for issue type Bug
In Table January should display User A and B logged time for issue type Bug.

Currently all the records is having the same count as I am using the measure below:
[Logged by].[User].Members,
[Measures].[Hours spent] > 0


The formula needs a minor adjustment to work with the aggregated members. Currently, the Members function generates the full list of the users, regardless of the team. We need to use the descendants set:

  Filter(DescendantsSet([Logged by].CurrentHierarchyMember,
    [Logged by].[User]),
  [Measures].[Hours spent]>0

Janis, eazyBI support