How to get "Number of projects created by category"

I would like to use eazyBi to report our Jira data. Except that I don’t understand the MDX language.
please help me implement the following flags:

  • Number of projects created by category over the last 12 months

-Number of users created per project over the last 12 months


Hi, @Cedric,

Currently, in the Jira Issues cube, data are built around issues, and you might get data on issues selected for data import, issue projects, and users who worked on those issues. It means you can count only those projects to which you have access in Jira and are imported into your eazyBI account. Please see this community post for the expression how to count projects:

We at eazyBI have thought of Jira Administration data (not Issue data) analysis and we have such improvement on our backlog, but I can not give you any estimates for it.

Meanwhile, you may try to create a separate account and data cube for Jira administrative reporting. You might use SQL select to Jira database or REST API as a data source for the reports.
Here are more details on how to import data from a database using SQL select or REST API and map those data to dimensions and Measures: External data sources.

Here are a few similar use cases in the Community:

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