How to get the days spent by a developer for story in a particlar status?

I am looking for solution on how to generate a report which looks like this:

Squad Report Structure - Google Sheets - Mozilla Firefox 2020-02-21 13.03.38

And also hot to get an aggregate data of How much time a developer spend in each status on a sprint level.

Please help

Hi @anurajsl

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In this case, you could use the “Transition Status” dimension in rows, use “Days in transition status” measure for “Time spend in Status” column.
Note this measure would not show the time in the current status, it shows time only for finished cycles.

For “Time” column, you can select the measure “Transition to status last date” which will return the last time issue was sent to the displayed transition status

For “Assignee at the time of status” you could use the “Assignee” dimension which should return the last Assignee for the status.

It will be the assignee at the last date of status

I assume this is a in issue level report otherwise it is not clear how you aggregate the data in your requirement.

Martins / eazyBI support