How to group / aggregate sprint data by month of the sprint end date

My project has multiple sprints from different teams that are not necessarily coordinated with starts and stops.
I am presently able to get a table which shows a list of all of the sprints and I added a calculated member for ‘Sprint End Month’ with [Time].[Month].DateMember([Measures].[Sprint end date]).StartDate.

How can I group / aggregate multiple sprints by this new column (Measure)?
If it is only possible by creating a custom javascript field as a Dim, could you provide an example of what that looks like?

Hi @echozulu
You already wrote about this to eazyBI support, but I also wanted to update the question here for others.

It is possible to create a custom hierarchy in the “Sprint” dimension; you can use this REST API source import definition to import sprint properties: Sprint reports for sprint week cycles (Sprint custom hierarchies)
In the example, the sprint start date is imported, but the javascript code can be adjusted to take the Sprint end date for the sprint aggregation.
Then, analyze multiple sprints using the formulas shared in the documentation page.


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