How to group rows

I want to merge some row in group,and display groups as row in table.

Like below example:

I want to merge Dumas Family Dentistry and Another Attic to Group1

merge Hales Trading Co and Texans for ISral to Group2

and dispay Group1, Group2 in the talbe as row. How to do that?

Hi @ming,

Use the aggregate function on your dimensions as follows: (Aggregate)

Defined Calculated Member for Group 1:

Defined Calculated Member for Group 2:

I hope this helps

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Thank you, I know aggregate at measure(column). But how I can do this for rows?
Like this assginee, I drag from dimension, is there some way to aggregate assignee in row?

Hello @ming,

You should see a link to define a new calculated member for dimensions:

Do you have “reports admin” access rights or just “viewer”? Go to “Home” page of your eazyBI instance


I am not admin, so I can’t see ”Define new calculated member“, I guess that’s the problem.
Thank you for your information, @VasileS

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