How to hide "closed" issues from appearing in the "open issues" calculated member field

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I’m brand new to Eazybi and am trying to put together a very simple report of the count of issue statuses within a single project.

I’m trying to remove the “closed” column under “open issues” (since it is only displaying open issues, it makes sense that under closed it is 0) but when I do this, it also removes the other measure “issues closed”. It seems that I need to have both displaying, or none.

I’m sure that there are a few different ways to solve this but any advice would be extremely helpful. I’ve also tried using “issue history” rather than “open issues” but then my status counts are incorrect.

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You are correct: if some dimension member is removed, it is removed from all measures.
There could be another approach used:

  1. Create a new “Open issues” measure (with a slightly different name) where empty cells are displayed instead of zeros using NonZero() function. The calculation formula for this new measure would be the following:

    NonZero([Measures].[Open issues])
  2. Use this measure instead of predefined “Open issues”.

  3. Then enable the report option “Hide empty columns”. If there are no open Closed issues, then the Closed column would be hidden for this measure.

Notice that “Open issues” (and, consequently, this newly created measure) uses resolution date and issues resolution to detect open issues, not the issue status. Therefore, there could be cases when an issue is in Closed status is treated as an open issue if it has not any resolution (it depends on how the workflow is configured).

Measure “Issues history” also is valuable to show the number of issues in different statuses at the end of the selected time period, only you should use it with “Transition status” dimension (not with “Status” dimension that aggregates only actual statuses). Read more about issue change history measures and dimensions.
There is an example in eazyBI demo account on Issues history and statuses:

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