How to identify "Defect Detected In" Dimension

Hi - I want to build a report which will showcase the defect related metrics. I am not able to find the Defect related dimensions (like the defect environment(Dev,QA,Prod,…), defect detected in the team,Defect severity,…) in my easyBI login. Please let me know where can i find it or how can i add the dimension. Appreciate your help!!!

Hi Arun,

Where does the “Defect detected in” information come from? Is it a Jira custom field or a field created by some Jira app (one of the Testing apps, perhaps?)

If it is a standard Jira field, it should be available to select for import in the source data configuration under custom fields, see
After running the import with the custom field selected, you should see the custom dimension in Dimensions section for Custom fields.

Lauma /