How to identify shared sprints belongs to particular board?

Hi Folks,

I am working on creating Sprint velocity reports. in that , there is a board created using shared sprints (means we can copy any existing sprints into our board).

But eazyBI doesn’t recognise these sprints under the board that created by shared sprints.

Is there any workaround to map the shared sprints in eazyBI ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ganesh,

eazyBI organizes all sprints in the hierarchy, that means that each sprint can be under only one board. A shared sprint is available in the board where a sprint initially is created.

For sprints which are already or might be added to a shared board, you may import the name of the board they are shared with as a sprint property. Use additional data import for this:

When a sprint property with shared board names is imported into eazyBI, then in Sprint dimension, define a new calculated member representing a board with shared sprints. The calculation would filter and aggregate all sprints with a particular board name in property:

Zane /