How to import modified JIRA custom field option text to eazybi?

I have a single select custom field that is imported into eazyBI. I had to change the text/name of one of the field options, e.g. “Our Team” to “Team 1” because we added another team. The changed option name displays in JIRA fine when I view/edit issues. However, in eazyBI it still displays the old option name on reports. How do I force eazyBI to import the new option name? I have manually run the eazyBI import and I have reindexed my JIRA instance and run the eazyBI import again with no success.

Thank you for any help.

JIRA: 7.6.0

JIRA Service Desk: 3.9.0

eazyBI: 4.5.3

Hi @wwillis,

When you rename field values and would like to get rid of old data, you may re-import data into eazyBI.

  • First, empty data cube. Do not worry, this activity deletes imported data and calculated members and measures, as well as report definitions, will remain.
  • And then run data import.

More details on how to re-import data are in the documentation:

Zane /

Hi ! What if this field is used in an MDX calculated member in Measures ?
I just did this and it created me new members in the measures dimension with the new name. The old field nam wasn’t deleted…



Hi @hinatufail,

Thank you for bringing this up! It is unintended functionality that old issue properties are not removed while the new one are already imported.
Please use the measures and properties with the new custom field name while we solving the problem.

Zane /