How to join Custom Field

I am hoping that someone may be able to help, i have some custom field in my service desk and just one of them is not EMPTY per Request.
so i want to show value in a table as a same column title

Request 1: A_id :1 , B_id: Null , C_id: Null
Request 2: A_id: Null , B_id: 2 , C_id: Null
Request 3 : A_id: Null , B_id: Null , C_id: 3


Request 1 : Id = 1
Request 2 : Id = 2
Request 3 : Id = 3

Hi @Ali_M ,

You can use custom Javascript code in Advanced settings to achieve this.

First, you need to find the Jira custom field IDs for the A_id, B_id, and C_id custom fields. You can see them by hovering your mouse over their names in the eazyBI report account Import settings. Ensure that all three of these fields are selected for import before proceeding.

When you have the IDs of these fields, go to the Advanced settings and use this code (replace “AAAAA” with the Jira custom field ID for “A_id” and so on):

name = "Request ID"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
javascript_code = '''

if (issue.fields.customfield_AAAAA) {
	issue.fields.customfield_requestid = issue.fields.customfield_AAAAA.value;
else if (issue.fields.customfield_BBBBB) {
	issue.fields.customfield_requestid = issue.fields.customfield_BBBBB.value;
else if (issue.fields.customfield_CCCCC) {
	issue.fields.customfield_requestid = issue.fields.customfield_CCCCC.value;


Save the changes with the “Update advanced settings” button and go to your Import settings to select this new “Request ID” field for import, save and trigger the import.

When creating a report, you should see a new Measure called “Issues Request ID”, select this measure while having the Issues in Rows section, and you should see the respective IDs displayed.

Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support