How to list all assignees of an issue

Hi, all:
I want to know how many assignees that an issue had ever been assigned to,and list them.
Is it possible?
Thanks in advance

Hi @liu.jingjing,

Yes, you can see all previous assignees of an issue. The assignee change history is imported in eazyBI, and you can see previous assignees using measures “Issue history” or “Transitions to assignee” together with Assignee dimension. For more details on the available historical measure, please see the documentation:

For listing assignee names in one field, you might want to create a new calculated measure (in Measures) based on historical measure “Transition to assignee” and Assignee dimension. Use function Generate() to get a list of assignee names (
The formula might look like this:

  --go through all Assignee users
    --check wheather user was assigned to issue at some point
    ([Measures].[Transitions to assignee],
    [Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember) > 0 ),
  --get assignee names separated by comma

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Thanks a lot!Your answer really wroked!

Hi @liu.jingjing

I was unable to understand the configuration used, could I make a copy of this panel available?

This seems to fail if the current user is unassigned, ie, Issue Assignee is “Unassigned” from an earlier assignee ! Can that be fixed ?