How to plot the element of one dimension vs a different element of the same dimension

I will greatly appreciate if someone can help me with the following:

I want to create a Line plot with the element ‘Issue Start Date’ on the x-axis and a different element ‘Value’ on the y-axis. However, both ‘Issue Start Date’ and ‘Value’ are elements of the dimension ‘Measures’. Hence, how is it possible to generate a plot of one element of a dimension vs a different element of the same dimension?

Hi Roland,

by selecting ‘show’ next to ‘Issues actual start date’, it seems like it’s initially from the Issue dimension
[Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Actual Start')

Therefore, you could probably use the same query as a calculated member in Issue dimension.
You would also need to change the calculated member’s formatting to : date/time - ‘‘mmm dd yyyy month day year’’

I don’t have the measure ‘‘Issue Start Date’’ in my measures, only ‘‘Issue Actual Start’’, but you can probably replace ‘‘Actual Start’’ by ‘‘Start Date’’ in the query.

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Hi @Roland,

If the ‘Value’ field is numeric, it should be tied to the date field ‘Start date’ as measure “Value with start date”. In such a case, you can use the Time dimension on report rows and select the measure “Value with start date” in Measures. The values from the numeric field ‘Value’ will be tied to the date field ‘Start date’ in the report. See an example with the numeric field “Estimated Cost” and the date field “Target start” combined in the measure “Estimated cost with target start” below:

Make sure both fields are imported as measures in the eazyBI import options. See the eazyBI documentation page for more details on date custom field import - Jira custom fields.

Roberts //

Hello @roberts.cacus,
Thank you so much for your comment to my question, your explanation solved my problem :grinning:!

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