How to pull a statistical measure value from a table?


I have a column with values in a table. Through the statistical tool (left click on column, Add Calculated, Statistical) I added another column containing the minimum value of the first column. Now I would like to create a measure that, that in its formula uses this minimum value.
So how can I access this value? Becaus writing something along the lines of [Max Median Age] (which is the name of the second column which was created with the statistical tool), doesn’t help. I can’t access this column in the same way I would access other, “normal” columns.

Thank you in advance!

I would need help with that too! Have you already found a solution?


You can copy Min’s formula and define a new calculated measure.

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This seems to be it! Can’t believe it was so straightforward! Thank you so much Erik!

Hi @Sonya394

The solution given by @Erik1 is correct and will work.

Also, there is an option to reference the created measure by [Measures].[Max Median Age] - exactly as it is named.