How to scope report to a list of specific jira issue as my baseline?

Hi, we have a “baseline” JQL filter that all my existing report relied on and it goes something like this:

project = ABC AND issue in (ABC-100, ABC-121, ABC-256, …)

We do not wish to include this JQL in the data import as we have many various baselines to work on. How do I set this up in eazyBI?

Hi @davetung
Welcome to eazyBI community.

If each filter does not contain too many issues to manage, you could create calculated members in “Issue” dimension to group the isses in a new calculated member using aggregates.
Then you could have one “Baseline group” for each set of issues.
Later you could use this for custom calculations and compare it with other issues.

If the list of issues in baseline filters is quite long, I would recommend using advanced settings to define a new calculated field (that would return the “basline group value” for each issue - depending on the filter) and import it as separate dimension to let you filter the report by new dimension “Baseline group value”.

Martins / eazyBI