How to show only Issues that in the week indicated in the filter have spent hours?

We have a report that shows the data of issues that meet certain conditions set in the filters at page level. One of the data is the number of spent hours in the weeks indicated in the Time dimension included in pages. This data must also be shown at the level of days.
We have defined this report correctly, but in addition, only those issues in which the hours spent are greater than 0 on the weeks filtered should be shown .
If I add a filter in which the measure of hours spent is greater than zero, the filter is created taking into account the day that runs to the column from which the filter is created, which is not correct for us since the filter should be taken into account for all the weeks indicated in the filter.
How can we do this?
Thank you

Hi Adriana,

You have raised a valid point that did not have a good solution until eazyBI version 5.0. In this version, there is a new eazyBI defined function VisibleColumnsSet() which dynamically returns set of all column members (it works in a similar way as described here for VisibleRowsSet()). This function can be used here to dynamically filter only rows where measure value is greater than zero in any of the columns.

To do this, you first need to define a new calculated measure that will sum Hours spent in all visible columns:

  [Measures].[Hours spent]

Further, remove the Time altogether from the report and add filter > 0 to this new measure column. Then remove the column and add back the Time filter - now only rows that have Hours spent in any of the weeks will be displayed.

Again, I wish to emphasize that this is available starting eazyBI version 5.0 and Cloud. Let me know if I missed something and you have some further questions!
Lauma /