How to show story points history on a certain day?

Hello, im trying to create a basic report in EZBI to show feature progress within a Program Increment 10 week period of time. I was able to figure out the easy stuff to show the feature, the cumulative story points resolved and story points remaining, but i need one more data point which is story point history on a certain day. Example:

On December 14th, tell me what the story points were on this day. I wanted to start a baseline from the PI planning event that tells me on this day, the feature was planned at 100 points. And that 100 always stays static on this report

Is this doable? Thanks

Yes, there should be a built-in measure called Story Points History (if not, go to source data settings and import the “value changes” for the story points field, under the Agile section.
Then you can have this formula:

[measures].[story points history],
[time].[day].datemember(dateparse(‘14 Dec 2020’)

this will give you the historical story points for specific date.

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thank you, im getting the following error using your formula

Failed to execute query. Error message:
Lexical error at line 3, column 35. Encountered: “\u2018” (8216), after : “”

is the date the right format?