How to show story/task linked to Epic in different column, not in hierarchy?

Hi Team ,

We’ve created one report where in first column we can see Epic and Story/Task linked to that Epic. We can see “+” sign to expand the Story/Task within that Epic.

Our problem is – we want to have different columns for each issue types. For example –

1st column – Only Epic
2nd column – Only Story(linked to the above Epic)
3rd column – Only Task(linked to above Epic)

For now, we can see as below screenshot OH-26 is Epic and OH-423 is linked Story. Can we separate it out in two column?

Please let us know the solution for this to show linked Story/Task to different column and not with Epic.

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Hi @lauma.cirule could you please help me on this ? Thanks!


Perhaps you can import “Epic link” dimension and then use it in rows.
Then select “Issues created” measure in columns as well as “Issue type” where you can bookmark and select just two issue types.
When needed you can click on report results and select “drill through issue” feature to see list of stories for each column.

Martins / eazyBI