How to track fix version history in Issue and dates history in Fix Version

Hi guys,

trying to track if slippage of the epic produced the delay for the milestone or it moved within the acceptable time range and milestone is still on track. We are using Fix Version for milestones/releases, and Target end date for epics. I can track Target end dates changes for the epic, I can find the current fix version and figure out if the dates from Fix Version work for a Target end from the epic.
What I need is to track if Fix version or its end date changed during the specified time period.
Assume we have a single Fix Version and do not use its multi-value nature.
Ideally I expected to see FixVersion history available for Custom JS import for Issues and the same for Fix Version entities.
Is there any option to achive FixVersion history tracking with the version 6.6.0?


There is no workaround currently with the Fix version history import, even if you use this field as a single choice.

A solution is possible if you had a single value custom field instead: Custom field import options


Janis, eazyBI support